What is Targeted Relief and Recovery Facility (TRRF)?

TRRF is a financing facility established by BNM to provide relief and support recovery for SMEs in the services sector affected by reintroduction of containment measures since June 2020.

Who is eligible for the TRRF ?

  • SMEs* in the services sector affected by reintroduction of COVID-19 containment measures since June 2020 (except for tourism-related subsectors), such as:
    1. Personal services (e.g. repair of computers / household goods, laundry, hairdressing, beauty)
    2. Food and beverage service activities
    3. Human health and social work activities
    4. Arts, entertainment and recreation
    5. Wholesale and retail trade
    6. Business services (e.g. professional, scientific and technical activities; administrative and support service activities
  • Recipients of Special Relief Facility (SRF), PENJANA SME Financing (PSF) and/or PENJANA Tourism Financing (PTF) shall not be eligible for the TRRF.

*Based on the definition of SME as approved by the National Entrepreneur and SME Development Council (NESDC)

How do I apply for the TRRF?

Interested SMEs can apply directly to the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) which comprise commercial banks, Islamic banks and development financial institutions via their websites or by contacting the PFI’s customer service centres. Approval will be subject to the credit assessment of PFIs.