SPS Lindung – Delivery Riders

  • SPS Lindung or Employment Injury Scheme under social protection is a Government assistance announced by YB Minister of Finance during the Budget 2021 announcement in Parliament on 6 November 2020 to provide social protection coverage under the Self-Employment Social Security Scheme (SESSS), SOCSO to those who are self-employed
  • Under the PERMAI package, announced in January 2021, the government will fully contribute to delivery riders' social protection coverage under SESSS

Who is eligible for the SPS Lindung - Delivery Riders?

  • The self-employed targeted under this Government initiative are Delivery Riders targeted to reach 40,000 beneficiaries.
  • Delivery Riders here refers to those who are self-employed and conducting delivery of goods and food item using motorcycle, bicycle or by a walker.

How do I apply for the SPS Lindung- Delivery Riders?

  • Application can be made directly to any SOCSO’s offices or through the respective Service Providers Platform.
  • Documents required from Delivery Riders are as follows:
    1. Copy of NRIC;
    2. Self-Employement ID Profile from the Service Provider Platform or a copy of SSM/prove of employment; and
    3. Copy of Driver’s License.
    4. For those who are cycling or a walker, employee must produce a copy of registration slip under the relevant Service Provider or a copy of SSM/prove of employment.