What is Sports Funding Scheme?

  • Sports Funding Scheme is a microfinancing scheme for Bumiputera and Indian entrepreneurs who are operators of sports facilities.
    1. The amount of financing offered is RM1,000 to RM 100,000.
    2. Financing repayment period ranges from 1 year to 10 years.
    3. The rate charged is 4% per annum.

Who is eligible to apply for Sports Funding Scheme?

  • Micro entrepreneurs who meet the criteria below are eligible to apply:
    1. Malaysian citizen;
    2. Bumiputera or Indian;
    3. Aged 18-60 years;
    4. Involved directly, or part-time in the business conducted;
    5. Have a valid SSM registration or Business License with the Local Authority (PBT) or a document validating their business from any Penghulu, Tok Batin, Tuai Rumah, or Head of the Local Community;
    6. Have a specific place of business or a mobile business;
    7. Free from bankruptcy action;
    8. 100% Bumiputera or Indian owned company;
    9. Existing business financing does not exceed RM100,000;
    10. The company's Paid-up Capital Limit does not exceed RM300,000.

How to apply for Sports Funding Scheme?

  • The entrepreneur can submit the application by:
    1. Visiting the nearest TEKUN branch or;
    2. Visiting the TEKUN Official Website