How Do I participate in Shop Malaysia Online?


What is Shop Malaysia Online Campaign?

  • This campaign was introduced by the Government under the Budget 2021 initiative with the aim of encouraging online shopping. Through this campaign, discount vouchers co-funded by the Government and the e-commerce as well as e-payment partners involved will be given to buyers as they make online transactions
  • Users will receive digital vouchers that can be used for discounts on purchases or delivery charges for online transactions on the e-commerce and e-payment platforms involved
  • The goals of this Campaign are:
    1. Short Term: To help revive the economy by generating demand through online platforms
    2. Long Term: To assist local merchants and ensure the spending cycle continues through online purchases
    3. To encourage new local merchants to use e-payment platforms and help digitise the payment process
    4. Support new traders to join the e-commerce platform by focusing on the promotion of sectors such as halal, handicrafts, agriculture, retail and services to help increase sales and reach of Malaysian small businesses
  • This campaign will start on July 1, 2021 and end on December 31, 2021
  • Each participating industry partner will have their own specific sales campaigns to drive consumers to partake in the Shop Malaysia Online Campaign, such as:
    1. Shopping vouchers
    2. Discount codes
    3. New/existing buyer vouchers
    4. Cash Back
    5. E-wallet Rebate
    6. Deliveries

Who is eligible for Shop Malaysia Online Campaign?

Malaysian local traders

How do I apply for Shop Malaysia Online Campaign?

This campaign does not require any application. More information can be found at Shop Malaysia Online Website