What is KerjayaGig Programme?

  • The objectives of KerjayaGig Programme are as follows:
    1. To extend the scope of hiring incentives under PenjanaKerjaya 2.0 for retrenched workers and vulnerable unemployed individuals who engage in short-term employment opportunities until they are able to obtain full-time employment
    2. To redeploy underutilised workers on unpaid leave to temporary employment or gig work
    3. To promote take-up of employment opportunities across formal and non-standard or gig economy work
    4. Under the PEMULIH package, the programme is also expanded to include temporary jobs and gig jobs for the hardcore unemployed (over 180 days)
  • The assistances available under the KerjayaGig Programme are as follows:
    1. Monthly payment of RM 600 per individual as long as they are engaged in self- employment/gig for up to 6 months
    2. One-off payment of RM 200 for the organisations, platforms, or the establishments for each temporary or gig placement provided by the operator registered under PERKESO
  • Any job placement under the KerjayaGig programme from 17 March 2021 onwards shall be entitled to apply for the KerjayaGig incentive

Who is eligible for KerjayaGig Programme?

  • Formal workers employed and registered with PERKESO but given noticed for Unpaid Leave
  • Retrenched Workers registered with PERKESO
  • Jobseekers from vulnerable groups (i.e. people with disabilities (OKU), participants of the SOCSO’s return to work programme, the homeless, single mothers, poor households registered with e-Kasih database, former drug addicts, former prisoners, parolees)
  • All workers in the programme must between 18-60 years old

How do I apply for KerjayaGig Programme?

Applications for the KerjayaGig Programme will be open from July 15, 2021 to December 31, 2021
  • Log on to the MYFutureJobs Portal and apply for jobs listed under the self-employment category
  • Upon successful employment, the operator shall register successful self-employed individuals via Penjana Kerjaya website to apply for the KerjayaGig incentive
  • The documents required are as follows:
    1. Employment Verification Form signed by the self-employed
    2. Self-employed bank account information (copy of the front page of the Bank Statement with employee’s name, bank account number, identity card number, and bank’s name)
    3. Letter or any related document or evidence issued by currentemployer to those on unpaid leaves
    4. E-mail Verification from the operator to confirm employment status of the newly recruited self- employed individual
  • For further information, please refer to the KerjayaGig FAQs