What is i-Citra?

  • i-Citra withdrawal was introduced to provide an additional financial facility to Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members affected by MCO restrictions, enabling them to fulfil their basic needs and ensure their livelihoods
  • Amounts which are allowed to be withdrawn are as follows:
    1. A maximum of RM5,000
    2. Monthly payments will be made for up to 5 months
    3. These payments will be RM1,000 per month, or subject to total savings balance
    4. The minimum payment is RM50
    5. At least RM100 balance must remain in Account 1
  • Applications can be made starting 15th July 2021 until 30th September 2021
  • Payments for applications made in July is expected to be paid out starting August 2021

Who is eligible to apply for i-Citra?

  • EPF members aged 55 years and below, including non-citizens and permanent residents; with
  • At least RM150 total savings balance in their EPF accounts at the date of application
    1. Members can check their savings amount through the i-Akaun (Members) Portal, on the i-Akaun mobile app, or at any nearby EPF kiosks

How do I apply for i-Citra?

  • Applications can only be made online through the i-Citra Portal
    1. However, this portal will only be accessible starting 15th July 2021. Further information will be announced soon