What is the Women's SPS Prihatin

  • Women's SPS Prihatin is a Government assistance under the PEMERKASA Package to provide social security protection under the Self-Employed Social Security Scheme (SESSS), SOCSO which is dedicated to all self -employed women from various informal sectors
  • The contribution plan set for this Women's SPS Prihatin programme is under the Second Plan Contribution - RM232.80 / year.
  • Government assistance channeled to Self-Employed Persons through SESSS contributions is as follows:
    1. This Government Assistance is in the form of financing contributions of 70% (RM163.00) from the Government while 30% (RM69.80) is paid by Self -Employed Persons.
    2. The coverage period is for one year (12 months).
    3. The self-employed are allowed to make contributions to more than one sector as long as they are still actively working in that sector.

Who is eligible for the Women's SPS Prihatin

  • Malaysian citizen / permanent resident status regardless of age limit
  • Self-employed for a living and open to all informal employment
  • Works full time or part time
  • Self-employed works in Malaysia
  • Self-employed is a woman

How do I apply for the Women's SPS Prihatin

  • The start date for applications is 1 April 2021 while the last date for applications is 31 December 2021.
  • The self-employed can register and contribute to SPS Prihatin Wanita at SOCSO office counters nationwide
  • Payment of contributions can be made using cash or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) through Maybank account number 5644 2752 0500.
  • For self-employed who make payment by EFT, they are is required to fill in the identity card number and telephone number in the reference field before making the payment transaction and submit the payment receipt as proof of payment to SOCSO members to activate the contribution.
    1. Copy of identity card
    2. Letter of appointment / job confirmation / service provider platform / P-Hailing profile / PBT license / business license / license from a Statutory Body or related / permit / SSM registration certificate.
  • The coverage period of 12 months (1 Year) for the elf -employed who make payments by EFT is subject to the date and time of receipt of payment to SOCSO members (working hours).
  • The self -employed who contribute will receive notification of contribution via email within 24 hours after the contribution is activated by SOCSO members or through PEKRKESO MATRIX System
  • For further information, please refer to the SPS Prihatin Wanita FAQs