What is SPIN?

Informal Funding Scheme (SPIN) is a financing scheme for micro -entrepreneurs who are not registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) or the Local Authority (PBT)

Who is eligible for SPIN?

  • Malaysian citizen;
  • Bumiputera and Indian Community applicants;
  • Aged 18- 65 years (not aged beyond 65 years old);
  • Involved directly or part -time in the business being conducted;
  • Document confirming the conduct of business from the Penghulu/Village Head/Chairman of JKKK/Tribal Chief (Sabah & Sarawak) OR coupon/business permit by the Organizing Committee for night markets, farmers markets or tamu markets;
  • Operating from a specific place/business location or conduct business on-the-go (mobile); and
  • Free from any bankruptcy proceedings

How do I apply for SPIN?

  • For further information on SPIN and how to apply, click HERE for the FAQ page
  • To download the application form, click HERE
  • To apply, contact the officer at the nearest TEKUN branch office
  • The complete list of TEKUN Branch Offices nationwide can be accessed HERE