What is the Organic Agriculture Project?

  • The Organic Agriculture Project is one of the Budget 2021 initatives under the Food Security Fund allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI)
  • This project aims to create agricultural activities to increase the production of sufficient, quality and safe food through organic farming methods that are more environmental
  • The implementation of the project involves crop planting, livestock breeding and aquaculture projects covering preliminary work, development and site preparation, infrastructure facilities, procurement of machinery and equipment as well as product development and marketing

Who is eligible for the Organic Agriculture Project​?

  • Target groups which can apply for this programme include:
    1. Farmers' organisation;
    2. Agropreneurs;
    3. Cooperatives;
    4. Entrepreneurs/suppliers;
    5. Farmers;
    6. Livestock breeders;
    7. Fishermen; and
    8. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • This is a community based participation programme with a minimum of 3 people per application
  • Priority is given to existing and viable agricultural entrepreneurs or new entrepreneurs who are committed and in possession of land or areas on which to carry out agricultural activities

How do I apply for the Organic Agriculture Project?

  • Applications can be made by filling in the application form which can be obtained at the Farmers' Organisation Authority (Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang) offices, Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries, Department of Veterinary Services and MARDI in each state/district