How do I apply for Go-Ecommerce Campaign?

To apply click on the link


What is Go-Ecommerce Onboarding Campaign​​?

  • The objective of this campaign is to support local businesses to join the e-commerce platform by focusing on the promotion of sectors such as halal, handicrafts, agriculture, retail and services to help increase sales and reach of Malaysian small businesses
  • To encourage new local merchants to use e-payment platforms and help digitise the payment process
  • This campaign will start on July 1 2021 and end on December 31 2021
  • Below are the incentives offered through this campaign
    1. Relief or reduction for registration costs, equipment costs or starter packs
    2. Relief or reduction of monthly subscription fees and annual maintenance fees
    3. Merchant discounts in the form of discount codes, product discounts and store vouchers
    4. Transaction fees for commission payments, merchant discount rates/payment fees
    5. Training fees for platform training, direct sales training and digital marketing
    6. Free Shipping by merchants
    7. In-app / platform advertising including credits for advertising within partner apps / platforms, search banners and search sponsorship
    8. Third Party Services for content writing, photography and outdoor advertising (social media ads, word search)

Who is eligible for Go-Ecommerce Onboarding Campaign?​​

The campaign is specifically for local merchants to diversify their sales channels through e-commerce

How do I apply for Go-Ecommerce Onboarding Campaign​?

Local merchants, can join this campaign by registering at the Go-Ecommerce Onboarding Campaign Website