What is BSN Micro/I Kredit ?

  • BSN Micro/i Kredit Penjana is a financing / loan scheme offered to micro enterprises to help them sustain their business operations and gradually enhance their productivity. The scheme includes:
    1. A specialised package for women entrepreneurs
    2. 6 months moratorium on monthly instalment payment
  • Beginning 1 April 2021, this initiative has been replaced by the BSN Micro/i PEMERKASA, which offers:
    1. Micro-loans, up-to RM50,000, for working capital and capital expenditure
    2. Up to 5.5 years loan tenure, including a moratorium on monthly instalments for the first 6 months
    3. Loan packages dedicated to women entrepreneurs, to entrepreneurs with disabilities, to young entrepreneurs, as well as loan packages to finance recurring overhead expenses, are also available
    4. For more information, visit the BSN Micro PEMERKASA Webpage

Who is eligible to apply for BSN Micro/I Kredit ?

  • Micro Enterprise - Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Private Limited Company;
  • Malaysian owned business;
  • Business registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM);
  • Business that has been in operation not less than 6 months;
  • Not a recipient of BSN Micro-i Penjana Tourism Financing (PTF);
  • Open to all business sectors

How to apply for BSN Micro/I Kredit ?

  • Submission of the BSN Micro/i PEMERKASA Application Form together with the required documents as below:
    1. A valid Business Registration certificate with SSM or Business License with Local Authority (LA) / Certificate of Practice (for professionals only);
    2. A copy of NRIC of Proprietor/ Partners/ all Directors/ Shareholders/ Guarantors (if any);
    3. Latest three months Bank Account Statement;
    4. Any supporting documents as required by the Bank
  • For online applications, click through to the BSN Micro Financing Portal
  • For applications at BSN branches, the application form for BSN Micro/i PEMERKASA can be downloaded HERE