What is Aquaculture Development Programme?

  • Aquaculture Development Programme is an incentive offered to existing and new small aquaculture farmers to expand or initiate aquaculture activities
  • This is done through matching financing grants, not exceeding RM20,000
  • The programme aims to alleviate the burden of costs that are borne in the farming of fish

Who is eligible for the Aquaculture Development Programme​?

  • Micro aquaculture production operators valued at less than RM200,000 per year or with less than 5 employees
  • Existing and new* aquaculture farmers comprising individuals, communities or companies that fulfil the previous criteria

* Farmers who have started the project but have not produced the first yield.

How do I apply for the Aquaculture Development Programme​​?

  • Applications can be made at each district fisheries office where aquaculture activities are carried out. Please download and fill in the Application Form here
  • For more information, visit the Programme's FAQ