What is Agro NISAA’-i Programme?

  • This programme was implemented as a part of Agrobank's initiative to enhance the role of women in entrepreneurship, in line with the ‘Year of Women Empowerment 2018’ as announced in the 2018 National Budget.
  • Agro NISAA’-i is as a sub-programme of the existing Core Agro Programme.

Who is eligible to apply for Agro NISAA’-i Programme?

  • Eligibility:
    1. Malaysian;
    2. Age limit: 21 years - 65 years on the maturity date of the financing;
    3. Full-time/part-time micro-entrepreneurs;
    4. Has implemented a project/business for at least 6 months;
    5. Individual entities or sole proprietors only;
    6. Preference to women entrepreneurs.
  • Terms and Conditions:
    1. Form a group with 5 members;
    2. Attend Central Weekly Meetings;
    3. Weekly financing payments;
    4. Make savings on a weekly basis;
    5. Has undergone Credit Discipline Strengthening training.

How to apply for Agro NISAA’-i Programme?

For futher information or further enquiries, please:
  • Visit your nearest Agrobank branch, or
  • Mail to: Bangunan Agrobank, Leboh Pasar Besar, Peti Surat 10815, 50726 Kuala Lumpur, or
  • Contact us at:
    1. Tel: 1-300-88-2476
    2. Fax: 603- 2692 2053
    3. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.